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Explore our collection of high quality and wide ranging men’s bags. Whoever said men have limited options? We’ve covered all the essentials - from classic leather to crossbody messenger bags, from everyday commute wear to the trustworthy cross-body bag. Handcrafted from the finest materials, we have versatile designs tailored to your needs for every occasion.
9 products
Waterproof Vegan Leather Backpack-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Waterproof Vegan Leather Backpack
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Vegan Leather Luxury Messenger Backpack-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Vegan Leather Luxury Messenger Backpack
Leather Laptop Backpack-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Leather Laptop Backpack
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Genuine Leather Backpack Male-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Genuine Leather Backpack Male
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Casual Sling Bag-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Casual Sling Bag
Crossbody Shoulder Backpack-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Crossbody Shoulder Backpack
Vegan Leather Multi-function Laptop Bag-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Vegan Leather Multi-function Laptop Bag
Waterproof Laptop Bag Made From Vegan Leather-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Waterproof Laptop Bag Made From Vegan Leather
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Classy Luxe Leather Backpack-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Classy Luxe Leather Backpack

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