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Whether you’re a wild child or a lover of the classics, we have a range of sunglasses for you. Beach wear, sports wear, daily wear or fashion wear, you take your pick! Cool off this season with our stylish and functional collection of men’s sunglasses. 

4 products
Unisex Sleek Retro Sunglasses-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Unisex Sleek Retro Sunglasses
Aluminum Magnesium Polarized Sunglasses-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Aluminum Magnesium Polarized Sunglasses
Sale price $35.00 Regular price $50.00 Save 30%
Vintage Retro Sunglasses For Men-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Vintage Retro Sunglasses For Men
Vintage Retro Sunglasses-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Vintage Retro Sunglasses

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