The Beginning

Like all great ideas, Sevenedge began as something else and slowly took its current form as a trailblazing e-commerce venture to fill a gigantic gap in the market.

The year was 2006 and the time was ripe for an internet company to take off from the USA. That’s exactly when Donovan's journey with Sevenedge began. Pretty soon, the company had 15 employees and was offering worldwide services. 

Cut to 2017, when Donovan - with 25 years of internet marketing experience in his belt - took the decision to focus on e-commerce.

Except, this is e-commerce that gives you the best deal by entirely cutting out the expense of packaging and shipping products.

How does that happen?

To make sure products are priced the lowest, Donovan did away with the rather expensive process of building warehouses and maintaining inventory. Quite frankly, there were too many of those already.

Instead, he travelled the world, met with trusted suppliers, negotiating the best prices with them and worked out a model so that their quality assured products feature on Sevenedge and once you make a purchase on the website, the product reaches you straight from the suppliers’ warehouse.

The result?

Worldwide shipping at a fraction of the cost required by other e-commerce portals.

Seems like a big shift from usual models...

Indeed, Sevenedge is a rare online store that prioritizes customer experience above the hassles of delivery and shipping. From coming across a product to buying it, the customer is in for a unique ride.

Thanks to his insistence on seamless interactions with suppliers, and his dogged determination in personally choosing the items that go on sale at Sevenedge, you are likely to find products on the website that are not available absolutely anywhere else!

The move proved to be a game-changer and reception to Sevenedge’s new avatar is proof enough. What started as a humble webstore is now a portal with a truly unending array of options in gifts, fashion and gadgets.

The way ahead…

Although Sevenedge does not ship its products by itself, current reviews of its quality of service are reflective of the fact that customers are assisted by Sevenedge personnel on the support desk in every step of the way -- from the first ‘add to cart’ click to the ring on your doorbell by the delivery service.

You may be on Sevenedge to buy gifts for others. But rest assured that Sevenedge’s priorities are firmly you, its customers.

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