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We believe there are bracelets for every occasion. From magnetic bracelets to stone bead bracelets, to charm bracelets - we have bracelets for you to pair with a variety of outfits and take your style quotient up a notch. You’ll also find healing bracelets in our collection, which will lift your spirits, bring good energy and soothe your stress away!

5 products
Unisex Silver Cuff Bracelet-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Unisex Silver Cuff Bracelet
from $17.00
Heart Buckle Bracelet-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Heart Buckle Bracelet
Rose Gold-Finish Snap Bracelet-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Rose Gold-Finish Snap Bracelet
Leather And Stone Cuff Bracelet For Women-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Leather And Stone Cuff Bracelet For Women
Stainless Steel Knot Bangle For Women-Sevenedge Perfect Gifts
Stainless Steel Knot Bangle For Women

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